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Future Shows

Currently not on tour.




Past Shows

10/02/09 - Oktoberfest @ Uptown Theatre, Kansas City MO

09/04/09 - Kansas City Music Festival @ The Beaumont Club 7:00 (map)

06/27/09 - Private Party (Lone Jack MO)

04/25/09 - Buffalo Inn (Eskridge KS)

03/08/09 - Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands Finals @ The Beaumont Club 4:00 (map): Propheria, Vibrant, The Vanity Rose, Drunken Swede, Ear Deep, The Arret Zone, Slink, The Anagrams, In Green

10/12/08 - Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands @ The Beaumont Club 4:00 (map): Ear Deep, Drunken Swede, Pompous Jack, The Ryan Express, The Kansas City Hitmen, Onest, Maris, Leathur Teeze, Dirty Teeze, Dirty Dawg 101, Cutaway Crossing

06/20/08 - Davey's Uptown Rambler Club 9:00 (map): Propheria, Stark, Dead Now Rise, Fyne Print, Surrogate Sons, Drunken Swede

04/26/08 - PJs Pub 8:00 (map): Drunken Swede, Fortitude, The Letter Division

12/28/07 - *Holiday Slam @ The Beaumont Club 8:00 (map): Plain Wight, Razzmatazz, A Dead Giveaway, Deviant Machine, Hectic, Cage, Drunken Swede, Canvas, Caesura, Injected Element

07/24/07 - *Summer Club Wars - Qualifier @ The Record Bar 9:00 (map): Drop Zero, Short Bus Massacre, Drunken Swede, Steal The Sun

04/21/07 - PJs Pub 10:00 (map):  Corkscrew Boar, Drunken Swede, The Fonzarellies

04/1/07 - *Spring Club Wars - Qualifier @ Jerry's Bait Shop (Lees Summit) 8:00 (map): Futants, Johnny Boy Arson Club, Drunken Swede, Ritual of Pain

01/20/07 - *Emergenza Festival - Round 1* @ Mike's Tavern 8:30 (map): The Messiah Complex, The Suicide Club, Drunken Swede, Dora Dank, Five Defy, Cruxed, Outlaw Jake and the Chain Gang, Underhoss

11/10/06 - PJs Pub 10:00 (map): Drunken Swede, Fortitude, Shudder

09/20/06 - Davey's Uptown Rambler Club 8:30 (map): Honeywagen, Drunken Swede, Double Crossing Guard

09/06/06 - American Icehouse 7:00 (map): Purgatory Paradise, Drunken Swede, Applebutta

08/05/06 - Club Shooters 9:00 (map): Drunken Swede, Ancient Creation, Doomshade

05/03/06 - Davey's Uptown Rambler Club 8:00 (map): King King, Drunken Swede