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Swedish News, Updates, and so much more...


05/05/15 - Songs have been uploaded!!!!!  We uploaded the 6 "professionally" recorded ones we did back around 2009 (Fistful of Dollars, Gates of Hell, Face of Every Man, Come Together, Obsession, Bad Blood).  There are also the four new ones we have been working on the past couple of months since I rejoined (Kill Tony, 72 Miles, Losing Crazy, and Border Lies).  They were recorded in true Swede fashion:  two microphones randomly place in Dar's basement and played live.  We will get around to getting them mixed and mastered better.  Still got some new songs to work.  Hopefully, we will be posting some gigs soon. - Kevin (All hail Van Fucking Halen!!!!!)


05/03/15 - Launching updated website.  Only thing missing, is music.  We are currently recording all new songs to upload on to the Music page.  New stuff is different than our old stuff, so looking forward to getting it uploaded.   We have been practicing weekly, since I rejoined Swede in October.  We are going to start looking into do some gigs again.  - Kevin





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